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Blowdown BSP 316 Stainless Steel Y Strainer #12 Mesh 1.4mm Perforation Screwed Ends

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Blowdown BSP 316 Stainless Steel Y Strainer #12 Mesh 1.4mm Perforation Screwed Ends
Latest company news about Blowdown BSP 316 Stainless Steel Y Strainer #12 Mesh 1.4mm Perforation Screwed Ends

316SS Body & Screen, #12 Mesh (1.4mm Perforation), Screwed Ends BSP Y-Strainer​


Product Name Y type female thread strainer
Modle GY11W-16P
Nominal diameter(DN)mm 1/2-4"
Working pressure 800WOG
Mesh CF8M ,CF8,WCB
Design standard DIN .APL.GB
Body stainless steel
Applicable Media Water,Oil,Gas and Corrosive Liquid
Temperature Applicable (-30°C-280°C)
Material SS316 .SS304 .
Threaded standard NPT /BSPT /BSP /DIN
End connection Threaded
Driven mode Manual


Y-strainer, 316SS Body & Screen, #12 mesh (1.4mm perforation), screwed ends BSP or

NPT-rated 800 psi (56 Bar)- fitted with blowdown assembly comprising a special hex nipple

(male 16UN X 1/2″ MALE NPT) and a 3-piece SS Ball Valve


Size 1/4” (DN8) → 3” (DN80)


* Options: WCB body, special fine mesh screens, NPT ends, flanged ends, 1-piece BV as blow-down valve

Y Strainer Design

As it's name implies, a Y strainer is shaped like a “Y” and is used to filter, or strain, out particulates
from steam, gas or liquid. This mechanical straining process is made possible via a filter element comprised
of mesh, perforated metal, or a wedge wire straining element. The most common kind of straining element is
a wire mesh. Some also include “blow-off valves” that make the cleaning process easier in applications with more
substantial dirt blowing. The strainer itself has a compact, Y shaped design. The Y shape has better flow characteristics
than for example a T shaped strainer, because the fluid flows through the filter with less change of direction.

Why Use a Y Strainer?

In general, Y strainers are critical anywhere clean fluids are required. While clean fluids can help maximize the reliability
and lifespan of any mechanical system, they're especially important with solenoid valves. This is because solenoid valves
are very sensitive to dirt and will only function properly with clean liquids or air. If any solids enter the stream, it can disrupt
and even damage the entire system. Therefore, a Y strainer is a great complimentary component. In addition to protecting
the performance of solenoid valves, they also help safeguard other types of mechanical equipment, including:

  • Pumps

  • Turbines

  • Spray nozzles

  • Heat exchangers

  • Condensers

  • Steam traps

  • Meters

A simple Y strainer can keep these components, which are some of the most valuable and expensive parts of the
pipeline, protected from the presences of pipe scale, rust, sediment or any other kind of extraneous debris.
Y strainers are available in a myriad of designs (and connection types) that can accommodate any industry or application.


  1. PRACTICALITY:Adopt stainless steel double layers mesh structure, strong and durable, low flow resistance, easy to discharge, large amount of pollution and so on
  2. UNIQUE DESIGN:The body material is stainless steel and is mainly used in small diameter pipe equipment
  3. EASY TO INSTALL:Easy to install and disassemble, reliable discharge performance
  4. MATERIAL:It is mainly used in water, steam and other media, convenient to use and maintain
  5. GREAT CHIOCE:It is an indispensable device for the piping system of conveying medium, usually installed in the inlet end of pressure reducing valve, relief valve and fixed water level valve


What is the difference between strainer and filter?


The key difference between strainers and filters are the size of the particles they remove. Strainers typically remove larger particles that are visible in a liquid or gas, while filters remove contaminants that are often so small, they cannot be seen with the naked eye.


What are the different types of strainers?


There are 4 common types of strainers used for oil and gas filtration. They are simplex strainers, y strainers, duplex strainers, and automatic strainers. Each different type of strainer has it's own advantages when being used.

Packing Details:

We choose suitable wood cases according to different valves and arrange skilled workers to pack in case of bruise. Long term cooperated forwarder will book space, clear customs and transport for us without delay. There are three ways for transportation, by sea, by air and by train. We will arrange transportation according to customers' needs.

Delivery Details: According to the order, 7~60days


Blowdown BSP 316 Stainless Steel Y Strainer #12 Mesh 1.4mm Perforation Screwed Ends 0


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