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Check Valve, 1/2 in, Single, Inline Swing, Brass, FNPT x FNPT

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Check Valve, 1/2 in, Single, Inline Swing, Brass, FNPT x FNPT
Latest company news about Check Valve, 1/2 in, Single, Inline Swing, Brass, FNPT x FNPT

Check Valve, 1/2 in, Single, Inline Swing, Brass, FNPT x FNPT


Quick Details


Technical Specs

  • Item - Check Valves

  • Flow DesignSingle

  • Mechanism and Body DesignInline Swing

  • Body Material - ValvesBrass

  • Pipe or Tube Size1/2 in

  • Connection TypeFNPT x FNPT

  • Cracking Pressure0.750 to 1.000 psi

  • Mounting OrientationHorizontal, Vertical

  • Seal MaterialBrass

  • Max. Temp. - Valves180 Degrees F

  • Min. Temp. - Valves-20 Degrees F

  • Max. Water Pressure - Valves200 psi

  • Max. Steam Pressure - Valves125 psi WSP

  • Seat MaterialBrass

  • Flow - Valves10.0 gpm

  • Full Flow - ValvesYes

  • Application - ValvesGeneral Purpose

  • Length2 1/16 in

  • Cap to Inlet Center1 5/16 in

  • Hex Size1 1/32 in


Swing check valve, full port, 316SS, metal/metal seat, BSP ends. Rated to 200 psi (14 bar)

Size- 3/8″ (DN10) – 3″ (DN80)

* Options: NPT end connections


What is a Check Valve?


The valve that used to prevent backflow in a piping system is known as a check valve. It is also known as

a non-return valve or NRV. The pressure of the fluid passing through a pipeline opens the valve, while any

reversal of flow will close the valve.

It allows full unobstructed flow and automatically shuts as pressure decreases. The exact operation will vary

depending on the mechanism of the valve.


Stainless Steel Check Valve Standards

Face to face dimensions as ANSI B16.10

End flange dimension as ANSI B16.5

Pressure-temperature ratings as ANSI B16.34

Pressure test as API 598

Applicable Medium: water ,gas,oil,and other causticity medium.


Stainless Steel Check Valve Application:


Valve is used for preventing the back-going of medium in pipelines and equipments, and the pressure of

medium will bring the result of opening and closing automatically.

When the medium is back-going, valve disc will automaticaly closed to avoid accidents.


Stainless Steel Check Valve Test Pressure


Test Item Shell Test Seal Test Back Seal Test Air Seal Test
Medium Water Air
Unit MPa lbf/in2 MPa lbf/in2 MPa lbf/in2 MPa lbf/in2
Pressure (Class) 150 3.1 450 2.2 315 2.2 315 0.5-0.7 60-100
300 7.8 1125 5.6 815 5.6 815
400 10.3 1500 7.6 1100 7.6 1100
600 15.3 2225 11.2 1630 11.2 1630
900 23.1 3350 16.8 2440 16.8 2440
1500 38.4 5575 28.1 4080 28.1 4080


Types of Valves


The type of disk will decide the type of valve. Most common types of Check valves are

  • Swing Type.

    • Top Hinged

    • Tilting disk

  • Lift Type

    • Piston Type

    • Ball type

  • Dual Plate Type

  • Stop Check Valve


The disc in a swing type valve is unguided as it fully opens or closes. This Valve operates when there is flow

in the line and get fully closed when there is no flow. Turbulence and pressure drop in the valve is very low.

Disk and seat designs can be of metal to metal or metal to composite.

The angle between the seat and the vertical plane is known as the seating angle and varies from 0 to 45 degrees.

Usually, the seat angles are in the range of 5 to 7 degrees. Larger seat angles reduce the disc travel, resulting in

quick closing, thus minimizing the possibility of water hammer. A vertical seat has a 0-degree angle.

The swing type valve allows full, unobstructed flow and automatically closes as pressure decreases. Usually installed

in combination with gate valves because they provide relatively free flow combinations.

A basic swing type valve consists of a valve body, a bonnet, and a disk that is connected to a hinge.


Packing Details:


We choose suitable wood cases according to different valves and arrange skilled workers to pack in case of bruise. Long term cooperated forwarder will book space, clear customs and transport for us without delay. There are three ways for transportation, by sea, by air and by train. We will arrange transportation according to customers' needs.

Delivery Details: According to the order, 7~60days


Swing Check Valve


Check Valve, 1/2 in, Single, Inline Swing, Brass, FNPT x FNPT 0


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