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EN Standard Flanged Connection Globe Valve Dn80 Cast Iron Pn16

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EN Standard Flanged Connection Globe Valve Dn80 Cast Iron Pn16
Latest company news about EN Standard Flanged Connection Globe Valve Dn80 Cast Iron Pn16



Globe valve, also known as shut-off valve, is the most widely used valve. It is popular because of the low friction

between the sealing surfaces during the opening and closing process, which is more durable, the opening height

is not large, the manufacturing is easy, and the maintenance Convenient, not only suitable for medium and low voltage,

but also for high pressure. The closing principle of the shut-off valve is to rely on the pressure of the valve rod to make

the sealing surface of the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat closely to prevent the medium from flowing.

The valve plays an important role in cutting off and throttling the medium in the pipeline where it is located. As a very

important shut-off valve, the valve is sealed by applying torque to the valve stem. The valve disc exerts pressure to

make the valve disc sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface closely fit to prevent the medium from leaking

along the gap between the sealing surfaces.


Material Stainless Steel: SS304, SS316, 1.4401, 1.4301, CF8, CF8M,Customize;

1PC Ball Valve, 2PC Ball Valve, 3PC Ball Valve, 3-Way Ball Valve, Swing Check Valve, Y-Type Check Valve, Wafer Check Valve, Vertical Check Valve, Y-Strainer,

Gate Valve, Globe Valve, H71 Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Foot Valve,Customize;

Class 1000PSI, 2000PSI, 3000PSI, 200PSI, 800PSI,Customize;
Size Customize;
Connection RF FF RTJ,Customize;
Certificate CE / ISO


More Information


Product Group 467052
Remark Connection: PN16
End Standard EN 1092-2
Face To Face Standard EN 558, series 1
Throughput Direction Straight
Variant SDNR with spring
Material Disc Nodular Cast Iron, GGG40.3
End Type Flanged
Design Code DIN 86252
Standard DIN
Application Cargo oil, Flammable hydraulic oil, Fuel oil, Lubricating oil, Sea water, Water
Size 80
Material Seat Stainless Steel, 304
Material Body Cast Iron
Sub Category GLOBE
Item Number 150-00000818
Category Valve
Pressure Rating PN16



1. Generally
Bolted Bonnet: Outside Screw and Yoke;

Rising stems;

Metallic seating surfaces


2. Body and Bonnet Connection
Bolted bonnet;


3. Bonnet Gasket Style

Stainless steel + flexible graphite wounded gasket;


4. Packing Seal
As usual, flexible graphite is used for packing material. PTFE or combined packing material can be also used

if being requested by the customer.


5. Stem Design

The stem is of integral forged design. The minimum diameter of the stem shall per the standard requirement.


6. Backseat Design

All globe valves have the backseat design. In most cases, the carbon steel globe valve is fitted with a renewable

backseat. For stainless steel globe valve, the backseat is machined directly in the bonnet or is machined after welding.

When the globe valve is at fully open position, the sealing of the backseat can be very reliable.

PN DN Size(mm)
L D D1 D2 B N-φ H
1.6MPa 25 160 115 85 65 14 4-14 275
32 180 135 100 78 16 4-18 280
40 200 145 110 85 16 4-18 330
50 230 160 125 100 16 4-18 350
65 290 180 145 120 18 4-18 370
80 310 195 160 135 20 8-18 400
100 350 215 180 155 20 8-18 415
125 400 245 210 185 22 8-18 460
150 480 280 240 210 24 8-23 510
200 550 335 295 265 26 12-23 710
250 650 405 355 320 30 12-25 786
300 750 460 410 375 30 12-25 925






Q1. What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is one piece.


Q2. Do you provide sample for customer?
Yes, sample is available.


Q3. Do you do OEM service?
Yes, we accept OEM order and can make customer's LOGO on the products.


Q4. Do you support customization?
Yes, customization is acceptable.


Q5. Can you advise suitable cryogenic valves to me?
We have more than 15 years experience in cryogenic field. We are professional in valve selection and will advise you suitable valves with detailed parameters and prices.


Q6. How long is your delivery time?
It usually takes 5-30 days depending on the quantity of the order and the stock.


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