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Globe valves, namely..

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Globe valves, namely..
Latest company news about Globe valves, namely..

DIN 3356 API 598 CF8M Butt Weld Flanged Globe Valve ANSI 150 STEEL GLOBE VALVE

Globe valves

1. Design and Manufacture: DIN 3356
2. Face to Face: DIN 3202
3. Flanged ends: EN1092-1:2007
4. Inspection and test: API 598


1. Straight patteren body design
2. OS & Y,outside screw and yoke
3. BB,Bolted bonnet
4. Yoke intergral with bonnet
5. Rising stem and handwheel
6. Loose disc,choice of plug or ball
7. Renewable seat ring
8. Impact handwheel for 10″ & above
9. Horizontal service
10. Flanged or butt weld ends
11. Available with gear operator


Actuation handwheel
Connection for mounting between ANSI 150 and DIN PN 10/16 pipe flanges.
DN: 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200
PN: 16
Seal Material SS AISI 420
Tmax -10°C/+300°C
Valve Type Globe valve, rising stem

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latest company news about Globe valves, namely..  1

Carbon Steel ANSI 300 Flanged Globe Valve with metal seat. Designed and manufactured to BS 1873, Face to Face to ASME B16.10 with flanges to ASME B16.5, Tested by EN 12266-1. Stainless Steel reinforced graphite gasket and flexible graphite packing. 13CR reinforced seats and disc for greater durability and wear. Great for steam and high temperature applications. Globe Valves are also regularly used over gate valves or other manual control valves where the user wants to achieve a greater degree of flow control. As the shaft comes down it has a 'globe shape' on the bottom of it which slowly cuts down the flow before shutting off on the seat. All globe valves come with cast heat numbers to give quality assurance for testing and mil certificates.

Body designs of Globe valves

There are three primary body designs for Globe valves, namely..

Tee Pattern or Z-body

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Angle Pattern

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Wye Pattern or Y-body body

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