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Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow 1-1/4" NPT Female Galvanized Finish

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Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow 1-1/4" NPT Female Galvanized Finish
Latest company news about Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow 1-1/4" NPT Female Galvanized Finish

Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow 1-1/4" NPT Female Galvanized Finish


Quick Details


Size 1.25 Inch
Material Iron
Brand TOBO
Color Silver
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Connector Type Elbow


About this item

  • 90-degree elbow for changing flow direction

  • Female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads for connecting male threaded pipes

  • Made from malleable iron for use with gas, oil, and water applications

  • National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads for creating tighter seals than straight threads

  • Galvanized finish helps resist rust in water, air, and steam applications

What is malleable iron fitting?


Malleable iron fittings are lighter fittings in 150# and 300# pressure class. They are made for light industrial and plumbing

use up to 300 psi. Some malleable fittings such as floor flange, lateral, street tee and bullhead tees are not commonly available

in forged iron.


What is the difference between malleable and cast iron fittings?


Malleable iron is relatively easy to machine, and it is shock resistant. Cast iron contains about two percent carbon,

which makes it stronger and more resistant to rusting. But this also makes it more difficult to machine because it is difficult

to get a smooth surface with the material.


Is malleable iron the same as galvanized?


Galvanized Malleable Fittings
These galvanized fittings are made from malleable iron, a type of mild steel with excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

It is zinc-coated, which prevents rusting.


What is the difference between ductile iron and malleable iron?
Ductile iron is used to make pipework and automotive parts such as crankshafts, truck axles and wheel hubs.
Malleable iron is well suited to situations where it has to be flattened and shaped by hammering. Metal workers often use
it for "wrought iron" items, such as brackets and gates.


Types of Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting

Name Main Type Detail Types
Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting Flanged Pipe Fitting Flanged Bend, Elbow, Flanged Tee, Double Flange Reducer, Flanged Invert Tee, Flanged Cross, Flanged Taper, Flanged Bell mouth, Ductile Iron Duckfoot Bend, Loosing Flanged Fitting, etc
Tyton Socket Pipe Fitting Double Socket Bend, Socket Elbow, Flange Socket, Double Socket Tee, Socket Spigot tee, T Socket Fitting, Double Socket Reducer, Double Socket Duckfoot Bend, S Type Socket Bend, All -Socket Tee with 45 ° Angle Branch, Double Socket Tee with Flange Tee, etc
Mechanical Joint Pipe Fitting( K type Bolt Gland Fitting) Bolted Gland Bend, Bolted Gland Concentric Tapers, Flanged and Bolted Gland Socket Pieces, Bolted Gland Collar, Bolted Gland Tee, Bolted Gland Socket Spigot Bend, Bolted Gland Socket Spigot Tee with Flanged Branch, etc
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Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow 1-1/4


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