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Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve Flanged DN25 PN 10 ANSI 150 LBS

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Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve Flanged DN25 PN 10 ANSI 150 LBS
Latest company news about Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve Flanged DN25 PN 10 ANSI 150 LBS

Flanged DN25 PN 10 Stainless Steel 304 ANSI 150 LBS Knife Gate Valve


Quick Details:


Product Name Material
Valve Body Ductile iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Knife Stainless steel
Stem Stainless steel
Handwheel Cast iron
Sealing NBR/EPDM/PTFE or Metal Seat


Product Description


Size Range: DN50~600mm NPS 2”-24” (Larger size on request)
Max Working Press.: DN50~DN250: 10Bar NPS2~NPS10:150Psi
DN300~DN450: 7Bar NPS12~NPS18:90Psi
DN500~DN600: 4Bar NPS20~NPS24:60Psi
Temp. Range: -29...+800℃
Seal Tightness: According to MSS SP-81
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Allory
Gate Material: Stainless Steel Chrome Plated, Special Allory
Seat Material: Stainless Steel+STL
EPDM (120°C) /Viton(200°C)/PTFE(200°C) /NBR(90°C)
Face to Face: MSS SP-81
Flange Standard: GB/T 9113.1, JB/T 79.1, HG 20592, ASME B16.5, EN1092-1
Applications: Pulp & Paper, Water Treatment,Beverage & Food,Fine Chemical,
Power Planet,Steel Industry, etc.


Main Feature:


This valve is widely applied to pipelines such as water supply and drainage, construction, oil, chemical industry,

natural gas, medicine, power plant, nuclear power plant and urban pollution discharge etc for purpose of adjusting

or cutting the flow contains various medium, such as thick granule, sticky liquid and floating contamination ect.



Technical Data:


Nominal Diameter DN(mm): 50(2’’)~1200(48’’)
Nominal Pressure PN(MPa): 0.6~1.6 (class150)
Testing Pressure Shell PN(MPa): 1.5~2.4
Testing Pressure Sealing PN(MPa): 1.1~1.76
Seal type hard / soft (EPDM,NBR and polyurethane)
Leakage: hard seal: Level D(liquid 0.1xDNmm);soft seal: Level A (zero leakage)


Material could be:


Part Material
Body CI
Seal Ring NBR
Knife Stainless steel 304
Packing PTFE
Yoke A3
Gland WCB , ZL103
Stem Nut Brass
Stem 316
Bearing ZChSnSb10-6
Standard Element Stainless steel 201 , 304



Gold mine power,ore tailing,paper or wood pilp,fibers,dust,chemical treatment sewage,sedimentation

tanks,ores,slag, asphalt,bin outlets,fruit,grain,grout,waste water from slaughterhouse,pneumatic transportation

pipelines or beer brewage media. water supply and draininage or deslagging of power plants(applicable for high

temperature≤540°c and superhigh temputerature ≤ 900°c.

Product charateristics:

It's characterized by its compact design,being space-effective,low price,easy installation, complete protection from

abrasion and seizure,user-friendly maintenance and operation,long service life and free actuator options.



· Cast-in guide claws at the port bottom for gate fixture, instead of a groove, eliminates potential valve shutoff clogging

while providing tighter seal. The guide claws also push gate to seat for tight seal in closed position.

· Integral body design ensures easy assembly and 0 shell leakage.

· Full port design minimizes pressure drop and maximize flow capacity.

· PTFE resilient points against gate eliminate metal-metal contact between gate and bo dy.



· Side-entry seat is replaceable, reducing the cost of maintenance.

· L-shape seat retainer locks seat into valve body and covers seat side to prevent direct flow flushing.



· Beveled knife edge provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing.

· Gate thickness can be increased to meet higher pressure.

· Gate surface is well polished at both sides for tight seal and less jamming.

· Gate is hard chrome coated for metal sealing valve.



· Stem cover is available to ensure long service life for stem.

· Two thrust bearings minimizes torque for operation.

· Grease nipple is available to ease bearing lubrication.


Packaging & Shipping


Packing:plywood cases or according to the customers' requirements



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